Chinese medicine decoction packaging


Packaging for irregular Chinese Herbal Pieces has been a pending problem. Currently, most Herbal Pieces Factories still make the packaging by hand, which needs more labor but lower work efficiency. In view of the market development status, V-Pack strives to research and development of packaging equipment for the irregular pieces, wishes to solve the problem for these factories.


We are taking the packaging of Chinese herbal pieces as an opportunity, making efforts to solve the problem. According to the medicinal species, we divide the form of packaging into 3 categories: easy weigh, easy pack; easy weigh, hard pack; hard weigh, hard pack, then develop the different equipments to support these categories, solve the current packaging problem for Chinese herbal pieces in the maximation.  

Chinese Herbal Piece Packaging Machine
Chinese Herbal Pieces Packaging Machine adopts the advanced microcomputer weighing technology, it can weigh and pack automatically, mainly applies to the packaging of Chinese herbal medicine, food and daily chemical industries. It is especially right for the roots and grass, leaf branch kind herbal medicine. To adapt to the packaging of special pieces, in the case of no weighing device, it would finish packaging after artificial weighing.



1.The equipment makes “coding-bag making- automatic weighing-bagging-sealing-cutting bags” as one set, so as to reduce the labor cost greatly and improve the packaging efficiency.
2.Multiple groups of sealing & cutting devices are available to further improve the production efficiency. 
3.The electric control system uses the SCM and PLC to auto-control, assuring the stability of operation.
4.There is the automatic alarm to inform you once the coil used up, insufficiency of working air pressure, counting completed, or fault occurs.
5.The colorful 6 inch human-machine interface and the touch screen display make the operation easy and simple.
6.Kinds of coding machines are selectable to assure the packaging and coding finished in one step.

Semi-auto Small Packaging Machine 
Semi-auto Small Packaging Machine is suitable for the quantitative weighing and packaging of irregular materials, like the granular, the sheet, and the strip, or the packaging of multi-materials mixed together. Particularly, it is right for the pieces ask for weighing by hand which is easy weigh but hard pack, for example, the uneven particle, large size flower, fruit of Chinese Herbal Pieces. Also, the semi-auto small packaging machine can be matched with the electronic weighing devices to finish the auto weighing and packaging for the uneven particle, small size herbal pieces which is easy weigh easy pack, eg.: the stem and the mineral pieces. 
The machine can finish packaging after artificial weighing if the material is complex, auto-weighing is available by different materials.


1.The man-machine interface display, easy operation. 
2.The PLC control system, stable operation. 
3.All components are in stainless steel, which is clean, sanitary and easy to cleaning, to prevent the cross contamination.
4.Coding machine can be matched to finish the packaging and coding in one step.


Bag making and marking machine---for the hard weigh hard pack Chinese Herbal Pieces 
In the occasion of filling by hand, bag making and marking machine is applied to the making of all kinds of prefabricated plastic bags and completing the printing at the same time. Particularly, it is suitable for multi varieties of products, products that need to change the package size and marking, or new products promotion. 
The process of bag making and marking being finished at the same time, so as to convenient the inventory management, cut down the waste of packing material, lower the production cost. Bag making and marking machine is especially right for bagging for the special shape, big herbal pieces not be chipped because of production needed, such as the skin type, animal type, and large rhizome. 


1.The man-machine interface display, easy operation, stable performance, to reduce the maintenance cycle.。 
2.It is compact and practical,?competitive price. 
3.Kinds of coding machines are selectable to assure the packaging and coding finished in one step.
The optimization for Chinese Herbal Pieces packaging is not yet stopped. It is our motivity to bring the truly enjoyable convenience to our customers. Based on the pragmatic attitude, with the precious practical experience, we would keep innovating, aim at providing our customers more superior packaging solutions.