Code consumables application


The code mark is the necessary production link in the factory packaging of each product. Whether it is for the product itself or for the consumer, the logo is an important production step, especially for products with shelf life. In other words, the identification of information such as the date of manufacture becomes particularly important and indispensable, and choosing a good coding scheme based on the product will avoid many unnecessary identification problems and make the work more effective.

Ruijia specializes in the research, development, production, sales and service of code marking equipment for nearly 10 years. It is easy to do the printing code equipment which is widely used in the market. I hope Ruijia can provide practical and convenient for customers. Code identification scheme.

The market identification equipment mainly has the following categories: hot stamping machine, ink jet printer, thermal transfer code printer, laser code printer.

First, thermal transfer coding machine

The thermal transfer coding machine is a new generation of code identification equipment that is relatively intelligent in the market. It is mainly used for marking operations on flexible packaging materials, and is increasingly used in food and other industries. Its excellent coding effect and smarter control experience make the marking process easier and more perfect.

VJ6210 thermal transfer intelligent coding machine

5.7-inch (240 x 320 pixels) color LCD display and touch screen WYSIWYG print preview; widely used in most flexible packaging materials such as biscuits, bread, candy, snack foods, frozen food, bagged fresh vegetables, solid powder, etc. It is often equipped with a vertical horizontal packaging machine to complete the coding process of product production information.

The internal clock of the coder makes it possible to print various real-time variables online, such as production date, shelf life, lot number, shift, production line coding and so on. Stable, high quality printing with print quality up to 300 DPI resolution;

Compared with the aforementioned coding equipment, the thermal transfer intelligent coding machine is the best type of coding equipment for marking printing; it can also print information such as patterns and barcodes, so that the print content is extensive and practical. More loved by customers. Especially in the bakery food industry such as moon cakes and breads, the use of more and more popular, the real alternative label operation, the customer's comprehensive use cost is greatly reduced, is the leading identification equipment for the soft packaging label industry!

Second, inkjet printer

The use of inkjet printers is also becoming more widespread, especially for the identification of non-flexible packaging products such as bottled cans, such as the label on the bottle cap and the bottom of the bottle. The ordinary thermal coding equipment is inoperable, so that the printer is here. The label of hard-packed products has a unique advantage. At present, the inkjet printers used for product production information identification on the market are mostly small character inkjet printers. Below we use the 1210 inkjet printer to take a brief look at the performance of the printer.

1210 inkjet printer

The 1210 features the industry's first smart cartridge, a microchip-enabled ink bottle that determines if the ink is installed correctly, preventing ink type errors or solvent and ink installation errors. Smart cartridges are uniquely shaped to completely deplete the ink without leaving a residue, further saving cost. Its needle-shaped diaphragm design eliminates the need for the operator to manually inject ink to prevent ink spillage and waste.

The integrated movement integrates the key ink system components of the printer into one component, and for medium frequency applications, preventive maintenance is only required every 6000 hours or every 10 months. A countdown table on the user interface can show how much time is left to change the movement. The movement is easy to change and does not cause confusion; its design enables the customer to complete the replacement within 30 minutes without the need for technicians to go to the site to replace it.

A good inkjet printer, its excellent printing effect will make the product appear high-end, so many companies have also used the inkjet printer; because the inkjet printer is much more expensive than the ordinary hot-pressing coding equipment, Different companies can choose to purchase according to their actual use and production conditions.

Third, the hot stamping machine

The hot stamping machine is the most commonly used coder for mass production of food and medicine. It has low input cost and good cost performance. By installing a printed font on the printhead, the font is heated by a certain temperature and then used by the consumable to present the content to be printed. In its unique form of heating printing, such a code printer is called a hot stamping machine.

1, ribbon hot stamping machine
The use of a type of thermal coder with consumables is a hot stamping tape. Generally, the printing effect is better, the printing is resistant to friction, and there are many types of scalding ribbons. Different scalding ribbons are selected according to different use occasions. You can print some numbers, letters, and text. By mounting the printed font on the printhead, the font is heated at a certain temperature and embossed onto the ribbon to present the content to be printed. Generally, a roll of ribbon is 100 meters, and the number of print lines is 1 line, which can be printed about 20,000 times. A roll of ribbon has the most common size of 25mm width calculation, generally about 10-20 yuan, which is cost-effective.

Semi-automatic ribbon printer
The picture above shows the desktop semi-automatic ribbon printer. The coding method is more flexible, and the print position can be adjusted freely. When using, the packaged product should be directly used (the product should have a certain flat area on the outer packaging film). Packing) Insert the empty bag or box of the product directly under the print head of the device or directly under the print head of the device before printing, or manually print or automatically print. It is equipped with a foot pedal, and the hands and feet are operated at the same time to improve the coding speed. The normal coding operation can reach 20-120 times/minute.

Online ribbon printer
The picture above shows the online type ribbon printer. It is often installed on all kinds of vertical or horizontal packaging machines. At the same time, the coding work is completed. The coding speed is faster than that of the semi-automatic ribbon printer. The fastest speed can reach 200. Times / minute.

High-speed online ribbon printer
The above picture shows the high-speed online ribbon printer, which is often installed on all kinds of vertical or horizontal packaging machines, especially for labeling machines that require high-speed coding. At the same time, the coding work is completed, and the coding speed is completed. The fastest, the speed can reach up to 300 times / minute.

2, ink wheel hot stamping machine
Use a type of blanching coder with consumables for hot ink wheels to print numbers, letters and text. Also by mounting a printed font on the printhead, the font is heated at a certain temperature and touches the heated ink roller, and the melted ink on the font is printed on the substrate by the rotating printhead to be printed. content. Take the 36mm*32mm medium temperature series ink wheel as an example, the number of printing lines is 2 lines, about 8-10 million times can be printed; and the unit price of this specification ink wheel is generally about 15-30 yuan, which is all coding. The most economical type of consumables in consumables.

Desktop ink wheel marking machine
The above picture shows the desktop type ink wheel marking code machine. When the machine is used, the empty packaging bag and the packaging box are placed in the waiting area, and the automatic filling is completed, and the automatic coding is carried out into the receiving hopper; especially suitable for Pre-coded in the empty tray of the pharmaceutical factory, automatic high speed, the fastest 300 pieces per minute.