QR code tracking and comprehensive


For the production of decoction pieces, in accordance with the new regulations of the Food and Drug Administration on tracking and traceability of the two-dimensional code of decoction pieces, it is a task that must be completed for the two-dimensional code coding of the decoction pieces. Enterprises need to consider their own product form and production line characteristics, select targeted coding equipment, and do not affect the production speed of the enterprise, and efficiently complete the two-dimensional code clear printing.

Chinese medicine decoction two-dimensional code printing is imminent

In order to further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of the decoction pieces and ensure the safety and effectiveness of the decoction pieces, the SFDA decided to speed up the quality and safety traceability of the decoction pieces on the basis of the preliminary pilot, implement the two-dimensional code identification system of the decoction pieces, and establish a complete function and accurate information. Real-time online decoction product inquiry and traceability management information system.

Regarding the requirements for tracing and tracking traceable QR codes, the SFDA requires the following five aspects: traceability code, product name, specification, origin, production information, etc. Printing this information has certain confidentiality requirements for enterprises. If the third-party packaging company is entrusted to complete the printing directly, it also involves selecting a highly trustworthy and qualified packaging company, and marking the corresponding confidentiality clause on the contract to ensure that the QR code data information will not be revealed. It is a better choice for the production of the decoction piece by itself. When choosing the right equipment, in addition to ensuring the reading rate, the most important thing for the company is how to assign the QR code without affecting the existing production efficiency. jobs.

Production line demand

At present, in addition to some carton boxes and bottled packaging materials, the production of film tablets is mainly based on flexible film packaging of PVC film, aluminum foil and other materials. The surface of flexible packaging of film bags is not flat enough to cause difficulty in scanning QR codes. In addition, the company's existing production line conditions are different, from the traditional manual or semi-automatic labeling methods to the new automated production line, it is crucial to choose the right coding solution.

Ruijia Industry helps you in one step

In the two main steps of the two-dimensional code assignment in the production process of the Piece Film Company - the coding and scanning (information management), the Ruijia Industrial 6800-VP thermal transfer coding machine is easily integrated into the existing production line of the enterprise, targeting the consumer products company. The commonly used soft film packaging materials and the material characteristics of the carton and bottle packaging materials help the enterprise to efficiently complete the two-dimensional printing task of Chinese medicine decoction pieces/veterinary drugs through two simple steps:

In the first step, the production enterprise obtains the original data from the website of the SFDA, and the external data communication function of the thermal transfer printer is convenient. The original data obtained by the enterprise can be simply transmitted to the thermal transfer device through the coding software;

The second step, Ruijia Industrial 6800-VP thermal transfer coding machine variable two-dimensional code printing function, the original QR code received will be printed on the decoction package, 300dpi high resolution, guarantee printing II The code is clear and easy to read, and the traceability and supervision of the pieces are used.